We'd like to invite all the kids to submit their best rat and mouse artwork, poetry and short stories to the magazine. We'll select some to publish in each issue and all those printed will win their creators a copy of the magazine and exclusive prize pack! 


To submit your work, please get your parent or guardian to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a scanned copy of your artwork (at least 300 dpi please, in jpg or PDF format) or typed or scanned copy of your poem or short story (again, at least 300 dpi in jpg or PDF format if it’s a scan).


Please also include your name (first name with initial will do) and age. We will also need your parent or guardian to give us permission to publish your work, so please ensure that the following declaration is included with the submission:


I [insert parent’s/guardian’s name here], [insert relationship to the child] of [insert child’s name here] give my permission for their work to be published in Rat & Mouse Magazine. I am happy for this image/text to be used within the publication and associated promotion for the issue, with attributed credit. Please use “[insert the name and age to be used for the child, eg. Sarah E., 9]” to identify the author/artist.


So, to sum up, here’s a handy dandy checklist for submitting artwork or writing to Rat & Mouse Magazine Kids’ Corner:


  1. Attach artwork (300 dpi in jpg or PDF format) OR poem/short story (300 dpi in jpg or PDF OR typed text)
  2. Include your name and age
  3. Include your parent’s/guardian’s declaration


That’s it! We’re looking forward to receiving some fabulous work and seeing all the young talent out there!


Lots of love,


The Rat & Mouse Magazine Team