Most of us knows what it’s like to lose a much-loved pet and sadly, rats and mice have such short lifespans that it happens all too often to us rodent lovers. We wanted to have a way to remember our lost friends forever, to mark each one up there in a public place for everyone to see, to remember with us and to stand beside us through the pain.


When one of our followers recently got in touch about her poorly rat, we really felt her pain and worry about his failing health. When she shared the sad news that he had passed, and expressed her need to share with everyone how much he meant to her, the idea of the Rainbow Wall was born. 


We will therefore dedicate a section of the Rat & Mouse Magazine website to commemorate rats and mice who have crossed the rainbow bridge. We invite you to send us your memories of your mice and rats for inclusion on the Rainbow Wall.


If you would like to send in a rainbow, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will do our very best to include as many as possible. Please make sure you include the following information:


Pet’s name:

Your name:


Variety (if known):

Life dates (birth to passing):

Short message/description (up to 250 words):

Please also include a photo or drawing where possible. This should be 250 x 250 pixels and in jpg, gif or png format.