Issue 8 of Rat & Mouse Magazine has been released and print copies are now winging their way around to readers worldwide!


The issue is packed full of informative and interesting articles, puzzles, interviews and more and also introduces our new scientific focus section. If you’ve ordered your print copy, start stalking your post person now! If you’ve gone electronic, simply log in and click on ‘My Issues’ to read your copy online.


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  • The Makings of the Midlands Rat Club
  • Interview: An Insight into Felteko Arts
  • Pouched Rats
  • Finding a Vet
  • Making Rat Costumes: An Interview with Trinity
  • Science Focus: Murine Respiratory Mycoplasmosis
  • Shows & Events Calendar
  • Rescue Feature: Little Foot Animal Rescue
  • Variety Focus: Blue Self Rats
  • Variety Focus: White Self Mice
  • Puzzle It Out